Eliphalet Hale

M, #556, b. 20 May 1763, d. 17 September 1807
Father*John Hale b. 12 Jul 1717, d. bt 1770 - 1781
Mother*Priscilla Peabody b. 22 Nov 1719, d. a 1784
    Eliphalet Hale was born on Friday, 20 May 1763 at Boxford, Essex Co., Massachusetts, USA. He served as private under Colonel Mooney, New Hampshire troops in the American Revolutionary War. He was sent to defend Rhode Island and images of a few of his military papers can be found here. He and Rachel Scott, daughter of Nathan Scott and Ruth Allen, were married by Clerk Edward Goddard on Thursday, 1 March 1781 at Swanzey, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire, USA. He deeded his mother Priscilla Hammond three tracts of land (Cheshire Deeds, Lib.10, Fol. 125) in 1784 at Chesterfield, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire, USA. He and Mercy Ballard, daughter of Zebulon Ballard and Eunice Field, were married on Thursday, 28 July 1785 at Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts, USA. He appeared as household head on the census of 1790 at Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York, USA. And his household is listed: one free white male over 16, two free white males under 16, two free white females, zero for all other free persons. He petitioned for land on 17 February 1795 at Newark, Upper Canada. He was desirous of obtaining Lot 140, and that he may build upon the same. He was granted the patent on June 18, 1795. (Here you will find an image of the land petition.) He placed an advertisment in the York Gazette which read: Newark, March 22nd 1799: The subscriber respectfully informs the inhabitants of York, that he will attend there, be ready to receive proposals for, and commence bricklaying, lathing and plastering, in the first part of April. Those who may contract with him, will find their work faithfully and timely executed. - Eliphalet Hale. He petitioned for land again, on 21 May 1799, upon Yonge Street, as near to the Town of York as possible, Home District, Upper Canada. On May 24, 1799, he was granted Lot 31, Conc. 2, Scarborough, which consisted of 200 acres. (An image of the petition can be found here.) This page was taken from a book written about Scarborough Township. Eliphalet petitioned for land a third time, on 16 December 1799, for Lot 24, east side of Yonge Street, the Town of York, Upper Canada. The lot was vacant, formerly located by Mr. Carfrae. He states he is anxious to make (?) settlement with his family, now in York. He was granted the lot on December 30, 1799, with the provision that no other person has been located on the lot. (An image of the land petition can be found here.) He was recorded in the lists of the Inhabitants of York from 1800 until 1807. To view the household breakdowns, please go to this page. He was awarded the contract of widening Yonge Street up to what is now Ramsden Park. Later he opened Yonge Street from Newgate (Adelaide) Street to the bay. He had advertised in the York Gazette to hire five or six axe men. Construction began on February 1, 1801 and by March 14, 1801 the Contracting and Repair Committee viewed the work done and instructed Mr. Hale to construct a bridge on 18 December 1800. He petitioned for land for a fourth time on 31 March 1801 wanting Lot No. 41, West Side of Yonge Street, Town of York, Upper Canada. The petition states he has previously petitioned for 200 acres on Yonge Street, and nothing proper for farming has been available until the present time. (An image of the land petition can be found here.) He was elected the Overseer of the Highways for the Town of York on Monday, 5 March 1804 at the House of Wm Cooper, the Town of York, Home District, Upper Canada. He petitioned for land on 19 October 1804 at Lot No. 2 on the North Side of Newgate Street, Town of York, Upper Canada. (An image of the land petition can be found here.) In 1806 he became the High Constable for the Home District. He was elected as the Overseer of Highways and fence viewers, for the West part of the Town to the Garrison Monday, March 3 1806 at Stoyell's Inn, the Town of York, Home District, Upper Canada. He seemed to be embroiled in the politics of the day, as can been read about here. He also belonged to the Mason's, and seemed to be in trouble there as well, as can be seen here.
     Eliphalet died on Thursday, 17 September 1807 at the Town of York, Home District, Upper Canada, at age 44 years, 3 months and 28 days. He was buried on Saturday, 19 September 1807, in the St. James Church burial ground, the Town of York, Home District, Upper Canada. This burial ground was closed down in 1845 and many of the graves and markers were moved to the new/current St. James Cemetery. Some markers were moved into the entranceway, and mounted on the interior and exterior walls of the Cathedral - a marker for Eliphalet has not been found. Here is an image of St. James Church, representing how it looked in 1807. His estate was probated on 15 September 1808 at the Town of York, Home District, Upper Canada. Here you will find the probate transcription.

Family 1

Rachel Scott b. 1 Jul 1764

Family 2

Mercy Ballard b. 1 Jul 1762