Loal Hale

M, #563, b. 1795, d. 24 January 1862
Father*Eliphalet Hale b. 20 May 1763, d. 17 Sep 1807
Mother*Mercy Ballard b. 1 Jul 1762
Research Note:
Although the Necropolis burial record states his name as Hale Wilson, born Ireland, age 70, I believe this to be in error. He is buried in the same plot as his daughters Sophia and Elizabeth.
    Loal Hale was also known as Lowell. Loal Hale was also known as Loel. He was born c 1795 at Canada. He served upwards of 4 years with the Canadian Fencible Regiment of Infantry during the war of 1812, until it was disbanded. He petitioned for a land grant on Monday, 7 September 1818, known as the vacant half of Lot 9, Concession 3, York Twp., east of Yonge Street, Upper Canada. He states he would like to reside as close to York as possible, as his mother "a widow far advanced in years" looks to him for support, and most of his relations are in York. An image of the Land Petition can be found here. He witnessed the marriage of David McBride and Amanda Hale, Saturday, 3 October 1818 the Town of York, Home District, Upper Canada. He was married to Elizabeth Weller, daughter of Ebenezer Weller and Tente Hyde. He patented land from the Crown in June 1827 known as the whole of Lot 4, Concession 8, Georgina Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada. In 1837 he resided on the N½ Lot 12, Concession 7, West Gwillimbury. On January 11, 1837, he filed a petition stating he was an old and disabled soldier who had served nearly five years with the Canadian Fencibles under Lieut. Colonel George Robinson and Major L. Heron in the war with the United States. He had the misfortune to have his left arm "dangerously fractured" while in actual service. It never completely healed, and it now renders him incapable of manual labour. He has a sickly wife and two small children and the family is reduced to the most indigent circumstances. He is praying to have his name on the Pension List of this Province or as an Out Chelsea Pensioner. An image of the petition can be found here. Loal served as a private with the Royal Forresters, (Simcoe Incoporated Militia) from the start of the Rebellion until the spring of 1839. He was injured, caught a chill and became disabled. On May 27, 1840 he successfully petitioned the Government for a pension as he was unable to support his family. An image of the petition can be found here. He was on the list of Militia Pensioners published in the Canada Gazette, April 9, 1842 and again on March 14, 1846. Please use the above link to view the Militia Pensioners pages. Loal was found on the pay list of Captain Grundy's Company of the Royal Foresters Militia, listed as a Serjeant for the following months: March 1838, received £2, 6s, 6d; April 1838, received £2, 5s, 0d; May 1838, beside his name is written not discharged and his pay amount was lined out; on 31 March 1838. He appeared as household head on the census of 1851 at North Gwillimbury, York Co., Ontario, Canada. He is recorded as: Lowel Hale, Labourer, born Canada, Church of England, age 56, male, married, male family member, no dwelling described. Sarah Traviss, Samuel Traviss and Elmira Traviss also appeared in the household. Although he was enumerated as being married to Sarah Traviss, she appears in the 1860 US census, in the town of Greece, Monroe Co., New York, in her daughter Margaret Andrews' household. Her surname was Travis and her daughter Elmyra Travis is with her. He appeared on the census of 1861 in the household of Edward Ryan at West Gwillimbury Twp., Simcoe Co., Ontario, Canada. He is listed as: Loal Hale, born Upper Canada, Church of England, age 66, male, nothing else is recorded.
     Loal died on Friday, 24 January 1862 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 67 years of old age. His remains were placed in the vault on January 27, 1862. He was buried on Tuesday, 20 May 1862 in Necropolis Cemetery, Section E, Plot 163 Gore, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. Mr. (?) Gilbert performed the burial service. Elizabeth Ann Wilson was recorded as the owner of the burial plot.


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