Marciana/Marcina McMillan

F, #3866, b. 1819, d. between 1860 and 1870
Father*James McMillan
Mother*Millennium Hale b. 1800, d. 17 Jun 1875
    Marciana/Marcina McMillan was also known as Marianna McMillan. She was born in 1819 at Canada. She and Thomas Cooper, son of Jonathan Cooper, were married by Reverend Henry James Grasett on Thursday, 4 November 1841 at St. James' Church, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. Her name was transcribed as Marianna McMullen. She appeared on the census of 1851 in the household of Thomas Cooper at Vaughan Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada. She was enumerated as: Marciana Cooper, house keeper, born Canada, English Church, age 34, female, married, female family member. She appeared on the census of Friday, 3 August 1860 in the household of Thomas Cooper at Bement, Piatt Co., Illinois, USA. She was recorded as: Marcina Cooper, age 40, female, born Canada.
     Marciana/Marcina died between 1860 and 1870, date and place unknown.


Thomas Cooper b. Feb 1816, d. 23 Jun 1899