Malinda Sybil Munro

F, #30, b. 7 October 1915, d. 14 July 2014
Father*Findlay Munro
Mother*Violet Malinda Kate Nelson
Research Note:
This was Lin's obituary written by her son, details added.
    Malinda Sybil Munro was also known as Lin or Linnie. She was born on Thursday, 7 October 1915 at Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, to pioneer parents. She was a true Canadian Frontier Woman, strong, tough, stubborn, independent, hardworking, yet kind, generous, warm, loyal, and always positive. Early life on the farm in Meadow Valley was demanding as a Scottish Father and an English Mother carved out a life for their five children. A log house was home, a rock fireplace was heat. A one room school and one teacher was early education. On the farm she herded cattle on the "Bald Range" on horseback, milked cows, pitched hay, chased bulls and carried fish in milk cans to stock Munro Lake (named after her Father). She still found time to play softball for Summerland riding 10 miles and back for each game. Time for mischief as she formed part of the Rattlesnake Gang with brothers Donald & Philip--they raided Summerland, riding in on horses, returning with their "loot" pineapple, candy and cigarettes (no money) stashing it in a cave above the school (they never got caught). After grade 12 and work in Summerland, where she met her one true love, James Hale. Lin and Jim, son of Frederick Hale and Elizabeth Mary Carmoody, were married on Friday, 23 June 1939 at Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. After the war, she moved to Penticton, working hard physical jobs and finally landing at the old & new hospitals as a Practical Nurse for 30 years, where she touched many lives with her kindness and humour. She even chopped down the huge pine tree blocking the kids view of the Drive-In theatre (never got caught). She took early retirement to homecare her aging parents and after their passing she became known as "Granny" and continued her life of helping and sharing with everyone. She was never dull--as a union leader she drank beer in the Incola Hotel with Tommy Douglas--loved John Wayne movies yet had a special place in her heart for First Nations people and proudly rode her horse side by side with Billy Kruger in the first Penticton Peach Festival Parade.
     Lin died on Monday, 14 July 2014 at the Penticton Regional Hospital, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, at age 98 years, 9 months and 7 days. She will always be remembered for her passionate love of children and animals. A life of giving, a full life, a true warrior.


James Hale b. 2 May 1918, d. 21 Nov 1976