James M. Thirds

M, #4627, b. 1850
    James M. Thirds was born in 1850 at New York, USA. He and Mercianna McMillan, daughter of Thomas W. McMillan and Adelaide V. Mayerhoffer, were married in 1872 at Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, USA. He appeared as household head on the census of 9 June 1880 at Deerfield, Lake Co., Illinois, USA. He was enmuerated as: Thirds, James, white, male, age 29, married, bank clerk, born New York, father born NY, mother born Mass. Mercianna Thirds and Alma Adelaide Thirds also appeared in the household. He and Mercianna Thirds were divorced c 5 April 1887, on the grounds of adultery. She was awarded custody of her daughter Alma. It seems he was overly found of alcohol, was charged with 5 counts of forgery and larceny on the Union National Bank in Chicago, in 1888/89. The bank wanted lieniency, and he was convicted of one count and sentenced to 1 year imprisonment. Newspaper articles can be viewed here.


Mercianna McMillan b. 1851, d. 1 Feb 1922