Mable Watson

F, #2082, b. 1 October 1883, d. 10 October 1890
Father*Thomas Watson b. 1854, d. 25 Apr 1887
Mother*Martha Mills b. Jan 1857, d. 18 Nov 1947
    Mable Watson was born on Monday, 1 October 1883 at Toronto Gore, Peel Co., Ontario, Canada, and her father was the informant. Thomas Z. Savage M.D. attended at the birth.
     Mable died on Friday, 10 October 1890 at Vaughan Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 7 years and 9 days due to diptheria and blood poisoning. her grandfather's address was Lot 1, Concession 9, Vaughan. William Watson was listed as the informant. Dr. (?) Armstrong was the attending physician.