Percy Leonard Woodhouse

M, #2018, b. 21 March 1902, d. 24 October 1980
Father*George Woodhouse
Mother*Sophia Jessop
     Percy Leonard Woodhouse was born on Friday, 21 March 1902. He and Lillian Elsie May Hale, daughter of John Alexander Hale and Sarah Ann Madill, were married by Baptist Minister Charles Cluett on Thursday, 27 May 1920 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. She was 19, spinster, living at 129 Summerhill Ave., Toronto, born Toronto, saleslady, Baptist. He was 19, living at 215 Hillsdale Ave., Toronto, born Toronto, bachelor, teamster, Baptist. Ernest Woodhouse and Annie Pearl Hale witnessed the marriage.
     Percy died on Friday, 24 October 1980 at the North York Branson Hospital, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 78 years, 7 months and 3 days.


Lillian Elsie May Hale b. 12 Mar 1901, d. 8 May 1966