Therza Ann Hale

F, #167, b. 19 February 1900, d. 30 September 1954
Father*Hazelton Richard Hale b. 3 May 1878, d. 4 Nov 1935
Mother*Ella Louise Scales b. 12 Nov 1876, d. 20 Jan 1957
    Therza Ann Hale was also known as Anne Hale. She was born on Monday, 19 February 1900 at Toronto Twp., Peel Co., Ontario, Canada, and the informant was Mrs. Hale. Dr. George H. Bowles attended at the birth. She appeared on the census of 1901 in the household of Samuel Scales at Malton, Peel Co., Ontario, Canada. She is listed as: Hale, Annie, female, white, granddaughter, single, born Feb 19 1900 in rural Ontario, age 1, of English origin, Canadian, Methodist. She and Arthur Norton, son of James Allen Norton and Lillie Beeman, were married on Saturday, 7 August 1920 at Georgetown, Halton Co., Ontario, Canada.
     Therza died on Tuesday, 28 September 1954 at her residence, Glen Williams, Halton Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 54 years, 7 months and 9 days. She was buried on Friday, 1 October 1954 in Glen Williams Cemetery, Glen Williams, Halton Co., Ontario, Canada.


Arthur Norton b. 16 Sep 1900, d. 1985