Jonathan Hale

M, #1053, b. circa 1779
Research Note:
It is uncertain just where this Jonathan Hale fits in. In some instances, he is referred to as a cousin of Eliphalet's, in other instances he is referred to as a son or brother. The birth order of his children below has not been verified.
    Jonathan Hale was born circa 1779 at Massachusetts, USA. On Sunday, 20 June 1802, in the Town of York, Home District, Upper Canada, he swore an Oath of Allegiance as follows: I, Jonathan Hale, Farmer, of the Township of York, born in the state of Massachusetts, grey eyes, light hair, about six feet high, twenty-three years old, have taken the Oath of Allegiance and the other oaths prescribed by Law, Do subscribe the same at York in the Province of Upper Canada, the 20th day of June 1802. Sworn before me the day and year above written. Signed William Willcocks and Jonathan Hale. He and Margaret Carey, daughter of Bernard Carey, were married by Reverend George O'Kill Stuart on Thursday, 7 April 1803 at St. James Church, the Town of York, Home District, Upper Canada. He purchased land in 1803 at York, Home District, Upper Canada, described as Lot 6, consisting of the southern 95 acres of his brother in law Bernard Carey's farm (just north of Lawrence Avenue today). His farmhouse was at the northeast corner of what is now Yonge and Glengrove. In 1808, he purchased what was described as Lot 5 and again in 1811, Lot 4. He sold Lot 4 to his brother in law Benjamin Carey in 1817 at York, Home District, Upper Canada. He leased Lot 5 to three of his sons, William, Thomas, and James, then sold in 1833 to David Graham. The south and north parts of Lot 6 were acquired in 1829 and 1836 respectively by Peter Lawrence. He was active in local government, and became known as "a man of much influence in his day for the promotion of public works". (Miles & Co., xi.)


Margaret Carey